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But it’s tricky when everything’s just a numbers game — it becomes no fun, it’s like what’s the point, why am I fighting so hard to believe in something that doesn’t believe in me? I think there’s going to be a backlash that will be amazing. There has to be some sort of “fuck you” to this whole New York City high rent, high society, clean streets bullshit. I’ll sacrifice myself to a couple muggings as long as we can get back to normal. It used to be New York was tough because you might get beat up walking home; now it’s tough because you can’t pay the rent. That’s frustrating. I don’t mind getting beat up as long as my rent’s cheap.

Great fucking quote from Leo Fitzpatrick about NY…….. DEAD ON….. Read the full interview at Bedford + Bowery.. Check out his amazing new film DOOMSDAYS too !!!!!!!!

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