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I read an interview with Lou Doillon the other day where what she was saying, sounded like me talking (you’d have to really know me to understand how I mean this and I’m not really willing to go into it in detail here but read the new issue of V Magazine if you care to figure it out). It reminded me how badly I wanted to hear her album and so once I finally remembered last night to look it up (my memory is truly awful) , I have been listening to nothing but for the last 24 hours…. (sans Vivaldi in the early AM in the van off to shop..) I’d really like to find the album on vinyl since I definitely wanna buy it but so far I have yet to uncover it having been pressed this way? If anyone would like to clue me into its whereabouts, please feel free….

Anyway, I am quite obsessed with this song, her voice, lyrics— everything (like so many favorite songs before, once you take their words and relate them to yourself, they can do some real magic to your soul). Unsurprising to everyone, she absolutely killed it with her first record and I’m so glad she was kind of pushed into making it (really go read that V Magazine interview!). I could go on and into more detail but if you know, you know, you know?¬†Perfection.

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